Fire Hydrants and Snow Clearing

You can help firefighters help you!

Snow accumulation or the results of plowing and snow clearing can completely cover or restrict access to fire hydrants.

Blocked hydrants mean slower response to extinguishing fires which can result in catastrophic consequences if firefighters have to spend time locating a buried hydrant and/or clear snow away from it, especially if the snow is heavily compacted from snow plowing.

What can you do?

keep an eye on fire hydrants on or adjacent to your home or business and keep the snow cleared away form your fire hydrant.  Clear a path to fire hydrants from the road and remove snow from all sides so it is visible from the road, and easily accessible to connect a fire hose to it.

'Adopt' a hydrant and make it part of your shoveling and snow clearing routine.  It will only take a few extra minutes and is a quick and easy way to help us to help you and your neighbors.

You assistance is appreciated!